Recruiting: Gym Leaders, Referees


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    Recruiting: Gym Leaders, Referees

    Post by Nick on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:31 am

    We are looking for experienced roleplayers to fill Gym Leader and Referee positions. Interested? Read on!

    There are six Gym Leader positions available:
    Reed, the son of Professor Hawthorn. He has a gym located next to the research tower, where he gives out the Circuit Badge to succesful challengers. His main Pokemon is an electric/steel delta Dragonite.

    Scott, a fieldworker who works for the researchers during the day. He doesn't have a gym, but can be found roaming the Mirage Forest. He gives out the Dusk Badge to challengers who defeat his grass/steel delta Breloom.

    Josh, a water-type trainer originally from Sinnoh. His gym is overlooks Holon Lake. He has a water/steel delta Togekiss. He hands out the Lake Badge.

    Sam, the only female gym leader in Holon. She dwells deep within the caverns of the Holon mountains, and often helps lost trainers find their way. If you defeat her fire/steel delta Aerodactyl, you'll get the Fossil Badge.

    Matt, one of the few people on the Mysterious Island. His gym is just a stadium out in the open. He awards the Magnet Badge if you manage to defeat his Probopass.

    Lee, a rarely spotted trainer who is based somewhere in the Distant Islands with his Metagross. The final badge, the Alloy Badge, comes from him. It is by far the most uncommonly seen of the six badges.

    If you become a gym leader, one of these characters will become yours. You get to decide the rest of their team and the specifics of their appearance, personality, etc. Your gym leader does not count towards your character limits! In addition, your other characters can get your gym badge without battling for it. As a gym leader, you have the responsibility to respond to posts in your gym challenge thread, battle challengers, and give away badges if you're defeated. Gym leaders are free to interact with players as they choose, but they're only required to appear for challenges, and they shouldn't normally leave their area.

    The other position available is referee. Unlike gym leader, referee does not entail controlling a certain character. The job of a ref is to determine the results of certain battles. For example, in a wild Pokemon encounter, the referee plays the wild Pokemon, and determines if it is caught if the player throws a Pokeball. Referees also regulate tournament battles, like so:

    Player 1: Charizard shot a stream of fire from its mouth, aimed at the opposing Salamence.
    Player 2: Salamence whirled around and slammed Charizard with its tail, narrowly dodging the Flamethrower.
    Referee: Salamence's attack connects, but its dodge fails. Charizard's flamethrower brushes its side. It is now burned.

    As shown above, in some cases, the referee may override something stated in the players' posts. Each turn, the players' posts are their account of events; the referee then must consider the plausibility of each scenario proposed, and decide what really happened.

    Referees are not needed for Vs. Player battles outside of tournament settings. Tournaments are Gym Leader battles and Delta Conference battles. Other Vs. Player battles are roleplayed normally.

    To apply for either position, send me a PM or an E-mail at with the following information:

    Account name:
    How often are you online:
    Roleplaying experience:
    Writing sample:

    Priority will be given to those who can demonstrate both a high quality of writing and experience with Pokemon.


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