Pokémon Center


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    Pokémon Center

    Post by Nick on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:03 am

    This is the only Pokemon Center in Holon -- or at least, that's what the sign out in front proudly boasts. A red-haired Nurse Joy, not unlike all the others, but noticeably more rugged, sits behind a white counter. The white room smells a little bit like disinfectant.

    Several trainers sit at a table to your left, laughing and eating food from the small cafe behind them. They seem friendly, and they discuss Pokemon energetically. One seems itching to battle. Beyond them you see a video chat and a Pokemon trading machine.

    To your right, a sales clerk waits patiently, a polite smile gracing his face. This Pokemart claims to be having a 50% sale on the latest C-Gear Apps from the ever-fashionable Leppa company. A variety of colorfully illustrated books sit on a shelf, along with Pokemon League merchandise. Trainer tools, like potions and Pokeballs, are stocked at the front of the store.

    [This Pokemon center is a communal area for all Trainers.]

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