Pokémon Teams and Training FAQs


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    Pokémon Teams and Training FAQs

    Post by Nick on Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:53 pm

    How do Pokemon level up?

    They don't. All Pokemon are presumed to be at Level 100.

    How do Pokemon evolve?

    If a Pokemon evolves by level up, then it evolves here by participating in at least 5 battles. If it evolves by some other means, then it evolves through the same method here. You can find stones and other evolution items during your adventures.

    What moves can Pokemon learn?

    A Pokemon can learn any move that it can learn naturally, as long as it knows only four moves at a time. A Pokemon δ can learn moves of its type instead of its natural moves, but keep it reasonable.

    What are the starter Pokemon?

    You're allowed to have any Pokemon, but Professor Hawthorn gives out the grass-type Abra δ (which would eventually become the grass/steel Alakazam δ), the fire-type Horsea δ (which would become the fire/steel Kingdra δ), and the water-type Seedot δ (which would become the water/steel Shiftry δ).

    How many Pokemon can I start out with?

    Team Rocket members can start out with four Pokemon.
    Trainers can start out with three Pokemon.
    Islanders can start out with two Pokemon
    Researchers can start out with one Pokemon.

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