How to Battle


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    How to Battle

    Post by Nick on Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:35 pm

    There are three types of battles here in Pokémon δ League: Vs. Player battles, Vs. NPC battles, and Tournament battles.

    Vs. Player battles are the simplest kind. When one trainer squares off against another in a non-tournament context -- a casual battle -- it's a Vs. Player battle. No referee is needed. The two players roleplay to resolve the conflict, with the victor (if there is one) emerging naturally. Remember, it is always proper to attack at the end of your post and have your opponent say if the attack connected or not.

    Vs. NPC battles are similar to Vs. Player battles, except that the NPC is played by a referee. Wild Pokemon encounters are the most common Vs. NPC battles. If a Pokeball is thrown, the referee decides if the Pokemon is caught. *If you start a Vs. NPC battle, post in the Referee Request thread!*

    Tournament battles are a bit different. Two players battle against each other, with a referee intervening to report the results each turn. This is somewhat like a Vs. Player battle, but moderated to ensure a fair game. Gym Leader battles and all Delta Conference battles are Tournament battles, as are battles during any special event.

    The results of all battles are to be logged in your Adventure Journal.

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